HKC Round 2 – Rye House
March 2nd 2014

This was the first race of the season for Lee after we took the decision to drop round 1 from the championship. It was the start of Lee’s first season without novice plates.

Today was a difficult day for Lee, who had a few hurdles to overcome. Here we had a 13yr old boy who, in his 9th ever race has already changed racing categories 3 times. He started last season racing Honda Cadets , then switched to Mini-max and now he’s starting this season as a Juinior Max driver. He will be in this category for a few years to come so we felt there was no point holding him back for another year. While Lee took to the extra speed and demand very quickly in testing he still had to acclimatise to the rigor of a race situation.

It took this round to get his confidence up while he showed the flashes of speed we know he has, that makes us believe in his ability.

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