OEKC Round 1 – Whilton Mill
March 1st 2015

The start of the season has come around quicker than anticipated this year. We normally have an ‘O’ plate race which isn’t part of the championship. We would skip this race to further prepare for season opener but a rule change has meant this race is now round 1 of our championship.

We had a terrible pre race test and didn’t manage to get all parts tested we wanted due to an electrical problem which appeared to be batteries. We purchased new batteries and chargers in preparation for this race and the remainder of the season.

We arrived at Wilton Mill slightly on the back foot but confident all the same.

Practice started and we immediately encountered problems which appeared to be the same as in testing. We spent the full hour practice session changing parts to eliminate the problem. We finally resolved the issue which was a faulty spark plug. By the time we got out on track, Reece only had two flying laps to qualify. We qualified 2nd!

During the race we encountered many problems. Sticky power valve, snapped chain, stripped engine sprocket and broken floor tray lugs. We overcame everything including spells of rain to finish a lowly 14th. The only comfort we can take from this is that our main competitors also had a troublesome day.

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