OEKC Round 5 – Lydd
June 21st 2015

Really needed a good result after the disappointment of Whilton Mill. We had one of the race engines rebuilt which we needed running in. We completed this in the morning practice and started to work through some other parts we wanted to test for performance. We found a decent setup which was more than capable of being competitive.

Qualifying started and we immediately encountered some throttle issues which we needed to resolve fast. This put us on the back foot slightly and resulted in us qualifying mid-pack. When the race started, we kept out of trouble and kept pace with the pack. We slowly picked off karts one by one but soon stared to encounter a power problem. The engine was getting too hot and we eventually had to come back to the pits as we couldn’t risk blowing the unit. We soon realised the radiator had started leaking so we changed it and got back on track as quickly as possible. The engine was running fast and has no heating issues now but we ended up last and quite a few laps behind. As usual, we raced to make up places and managed to get ourselves in the top ten until another team made a stupid error 16 minutes from the end and wiped us out with a fair substantial accident. We had to retire from the race as we had a bent steering column, broken pedal, broken throttle cable and broken steering wheel. We are not yet sure if the actual kart chassis is bent. It will now be a race against time to make the Fulbeck race.

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