OEKC Round 2 – Bayford Meadows
March 29th 2015

We arrived at Bayford in the pouring rain. Its been a long time since we have had a full wet race. Conditions were poor, visibility was poor and to top it off, we are not fans of driving this track.

We setup the kart for the wet weather and readied multiple sets of our wet tyres.

We qualified low down the order and soon realised our kart had no grip compared to the others. As the race went on we slipped further back and had no answer to the lap times other were posting.

Off track, we were frantically trying to find out information to explain our position. Answers appeared late in the day. All of our tyres had a lot of life in them but were used. The track has unique characteristics in the wet and only brand new tyres would offer the kind of grip required in these conditions. We were sitting ducks! We were continually lapped and slow.

During the last hour of the race, the track started to dry. Rather than full wet we had a consistent damp track with some drying lines. Our hard, used, wet tyres now became perfect of these conditions while other drivers tyres were to soft and started to ‘go off’. At this stage we were now lapping 5 seconds a lap quicker than others in some cases. We lapped the field multiple times but the damage was done earlier in the race. We finished 11th. We now sit mid table in the championship with Rye house (our home track) next on the calendar.

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