OEKC Round 4 – Whilton Mill
May 10th 2015

After the success at Rye House we went to Whilton Mill on a high. The mornings practice and setup went well with us fine tuning setup for the race. We had no issues to address and waited for qualifying. The kart felt good in terms of setup and raw pace. We qualified in 1st position.

As the race started we continued with this good form and started easing away from the pack along with the usual front runners. Before long, we were leading with 2nd and 3rd place closely behind.

Approaching a hard breaking zone, 2nd place out-breaked themselves and effectively used us to stop. They destroyed our rear bumper mounts which led to us having a mechanical failure. We returned to the pits to secure the rear bumper which put us 6 laps down. From then on we just continued to race as fast as we could. We made up quite a few laps but could only manage an 11th place finish.

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