OEKC Round 2 – Bayford Meadows
March 20th 2016

We arrived at Bayford Meadows hoping for a competitive race day. For whatever reason we never seem to go well here. We’ve also been experiencing some electrical gremlins which is proving hard to iron out. After briefing we started the kart and went out for practice. The kart felt a bit alien to both Reece and Richard. We tried to change the balance a little and dial in more grip. It felt totally different to Round 1 at Whilton Mill.

After quite a few runs we tried to start the kart and there was nothing. The electrical gremlins were back. We traced the problem back to the starter motor but were not totally convinced this was the cause, just the end result. We had a 3rd party test all of our batteries which seemed ok so we changed the starter motor and continued with our day.

Reece qualified 7th. The kart just wasn’t quick enough today. As the race started we made some progress but it was really damage limitation. After the first stint we were around 8th position. We did our driver change and proceeded to chip away at the race. Half way through our second stint another driver overshot his breaking point and collected us a turn 3. The kart was wrecked with many parts needing replacing. We did not finish the race.

Bayford Meadows has never been kind to us and today was no different.

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